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Who We Are

Wavelength revolutionizes EMS operations by breaking technological and cultural boundaries to advance warfighting capabilities at unprecedented speed.

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our difference

As opposed to being a software factory, explores to identify new software solutions, enables the execution of new software, and educates the 350 SWW workforce.

Our Team
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Execute Educate Explore

executing priority software products, educating Wing personnel, and exploring innovation opportunities.



Identifying possible innovation opportunities


Execution is at the center of every mission in the Air Force. We are not successful unless we can deliver code and software solutions.


Using one-on-one pairing with Wing personnel to transform thought process

Military Personnel
Military Personnel

Why Our Mission Is Important

Wavelength is key to dominating the EMS, gaining competitive advantage more than our near-peer enemies, protecting our warfighters, and achieving victory during conflict.

EMS Spectrum
Very Low

Earth, subways, AC power

Radio Tower
Radio Frequency

Cellphones, TV, radio


Microwaves and satellites

Infrared &
Ultra Violet Light


X-Rays & Gamma Cosmic Rays

Medical x-rays and radioactive sources

If the 350 SWW fails in its mission to dominate the EMS and regain airpower against our near-peer competitors, the risk is decreased national security and deceased safety for our warfighters, today and in the future.

The 350 SWW must become a software organization that invests in software development teams that establish continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous process improvement The 350 SWW must energize organic cultural mind shifts.

Be Part of a Pioneer Team

Our ability to identify and recruit talented officers, airmen, civilians, and contractors is paramount to our success. Join our team to advance warfighting capabilities by building cutting-edge software in a modern environment.

Our Team
our Teams

Wavelength consists of empowered teams that can communicate and react rapidly via tools and services.

Our difference
our difference

Software teams will proactively pose dilemmas to foster an increasingly offensive mindset to create advantages in the EMS.

Our Value
our value

Wavelength will create a lean mindset by enabling Service members to identify wasted time and effort to improve processes.

We deliver learning in code… while hacking bureaucracy

Wavelength Fellowship

In this fellowship program you will have the opportunity to learn modern software techniques, approaches, and mindsets that will enable you to look at challenges in a new way. The goal of this program is to take Airmen interested in software development and augment their skill set by incorporating new tools into their repertoire.

Join Our Fellowship

Leadership Highlight

The Wing delivers adaptive and cutting-edge electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) capabilities that provide the warfighter with a tactical and strategic competitive advantage and freedom to attack, maneuver, and defend.

General Brown
The threat is far more dynamic and rapidly evolving, and the Air Force has not kept up. The service has been asleep at the wheel practically since Operation Desert Storm, which took place 30 years ago. Software will be the denominator of success… whoever can write code fastest is going to win…We are outnumbered, particularly looking at the Chinese…who have so many people and efforts to attack the EMS on so many fronts.
General Charles Q. Brown Jr.
The military is beginning to recognize the need to change the way we do business, and we are at the forefront of that. We are taking lessons learned from Silicon Valley, applying those to our operations. We are focusing on data-driven decisions instead of arbitrary deadlines and milestones.
Colonel William E. Young Jr.
Colonel Young
Colonel Mintz
Today's strategic environment demands that we deliver game-changing EMS superiority capabilities at a speed and a tempo that are not just relevant to the warfighter but are deliberately hostile to our competitors. Wavelength will play a key role in this.
Colonel John Paul Mintz