Digital Native 350 Spectrum Warfare Wing

The United States has never successfully anticipated our next conflict, the 350 SWW must deliver adaptive software-defined capabilities that will acclimate to any adversary.


Wavelength creates a lean mindset in the Wing by enabling service members to identify wasted time and effort to improve processes. Wavelength is focused on building culture that will deliver more value at less expense while developing Wing members’ confidence and competence.


To achieve its mission, the 350 SWW must become a software-minded organization that delivers cutting-edge EMS fighting capabilities. Deliver services and products that enable EW community mission outcomes, while transforming the SWW into the first digitally focused operational wing in the USAF.

Core Focus Areas

Wavelength focuses on education and execution, equipping the Air Force with the technology, capabilities, practices, and principles to rapidly sense and respond to any change across the EMS.

  • Customizing EW Software Products
  • Transforming / modernizing Cloud and Applications
  • Enabling Agile and DevOps
  • Supporting User Experience (UX), Customer Experience (CX), and Service Design
  • Upskilling the Wing's Digital Services
  • Enabling Product Leadership
  • Facilitating Workshops
  • Developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) Conditions
  • Conducting Research and Development to Sustain Transformation and Modernization
  • Providing Digital Transformation and Change Management Services

Organizational Structure

The 350 SWW falls under the U.S. Air Force Warfare Center (USAFWC) and is comprised of two Groups (850 and 350 Spectrum Warfare Groups (SWG)) and eight Squadrons.

Wavelength leadership
  • Product Director
  • service designers
  • ux researchers
  • design director
  • User analytics lead
  • Dir of SW Engineering
  • Dev experience lead
  • Dir data Engineering
  • It & services
  • Ch Value stream arch
  • path to prod lead
  • ciso
  • security engineer
  • dir of people
  • onboarding lead
  • engagement & Dev lead
  • recruiting lead
  • hiring success lead


afforgen portfolio
  • value stream manager
  • people lead
  • customer success
delivery portfolio
  • product lead
  • design lead
  • value stream architect
  • value stream manager
  • engineering lead
  • people lead
  • customer success


enablement portfolio
  • value stream manager
  • product lead
  • design lead
  • people lead
  • value stream architect
  • engineering lead
  • customer success
practice portfolio
  • product management practice lead
  • practice design practice lead
  • software engineering practice lead
  • leadership practice lead
  • marketing manager
  • graphic designer
  • agile coaches
  • org researches
  • instructional designer
  • customer success
  • content manager