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The 350 SWW must become software organization that invests in software development teams who establish continuous delivery, continuous integration, and continuous process improvement. The 350 SWW must energize organic cultural mind shifts.

SWARM - Spectrum Warfare Request Manager
  • To ensure end-to-end communication between two different software systems
  • To reduce the compatibility issue when data is transferred between two software
  • To identify and reduce data type and data format issues between connected software systems
  • To receive an Interim Certificate to Operate (ICTO)
  • To obtain Joint Interoperability Certification for EMBM
  • Assist in the development of NRKPP's for EMBM
  • Assist in the development of appropriate DoDAF Diagrams, including OV-1 and SV-1
  • Establish the Testing Strategy
  • Establish the Interoperability Testing Framework by defining the test configuration
  • Define Test Descriptions and Architecture
  • Define Test Limitations

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